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  • Isabel Castro

Navigating the funks ;)

Yesterday morning I was in a funk. I didn’t feel like doing anything productive or creative. I also didn’t want to spend the whole day like that.

Luckily it was warm and sunny out, so I went for a walk and called an old friend. It shifted my perspective and state of being. It then led to me playing music with her- over the phone. And just like that a heartwarming, deeply connective moment came out of a funk.

For me this pandemic, and social isolating, is causing me to let go like never before. So I can’t go out freely in my community to meet up with friends and family. I can still call them and connect with them in new ways.

When I’m not moving my body enough I notice that emotional stuff gets stuck, and I bounce back and forth like a pinball. You ever feel like that? I’m unable to focus, and unable to experience joy in anything I do. When I don’t choose supportive practices right away, it keeps me in this limbo-place longer. That’s not helpful for anyone.

With so much mental and emotional information to process right now, it’s important that I step up my self-care practices. It can be simple. Taking one small, baby step out of the funk can cause a positive domino effect, like it did for me today.

What small steps help you when you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or irritable?