Organic, Handcrafted Products

I make things I use.

Chances are I couldn't find it on the shelves, so I made it.

Here I'm sharing it with you.

I only use quality ingredients, usually organic and/or wild-harvested.

I use the foundations of Ayurveda to create formulas that are therapeutic to the max.

You're welcome. ;)

Select items available at these retail outlets:

in Bellingham, WA,

at The Ayurvedic Health Center, The Hair Art Studio,
Monroe Healing Therapies, Living Earth Herbs,
& Yoga Northwest

and beyond at

The Lucky Dumpster in Bow-Edison, WA;

Native Springs Spa in Anacortes, WA;

Inner Harmony Yoga in San Pedro, CA;

& Dr. Jen Hartley's in Wheat Ridge, CO.